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K-WON Global Co. Ltd is the exclusive importer of KOYA ALOE DRINK in Canada. Since its establishment in 2002, K-WON has been committed to supplying premium quality drinks to Canadians. Our goal is always focused on mutual lasting success with all of our business partners like you. KOYA ALOE DRINKS is the customer’s #1 choice in the Aloe juice market. After being launched in 2005, sales volumes have dramatically increased year after year.

Aloe Drinks

Enjoy our Aloe Drinks with the five different flavours

Vera Regular

Enjoy this original drink with aloe vera, Koya’s Aloe Vera Regular, every day.  

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Small and mighty, blueberry is the perfect addition to Koya’s Aloe Vera drink, adding a unique bold flavour.

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This addition of mango juice to Koya’s Aloe Vera drink adds an undeniable flavour enhancement.  

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Enjoy Koya’s Aloe Vera drink with pomegranate. Aloe vera crush and pomegranate juice – a truly powerful combination!

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Sugar Free

Sugar-free and worry free! Aloe Sugar-Free tastes just as good as Aloe Vera Regular, but without the added sugar. 

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